Frequently Asked Questions


How will the placement be for DiP(Days in Parishes)

During the registration process, pilgrims will have the opportunity to choose 1, out of the Dioceses that will be hosting DiP. In terms of placements, that is at the discretion of each of the hosting dioceses. Details and information thereof will be made available at a later stage though.

Will there be a lesser price for locals? Some people would probably want to travel to the venue every day without sleeping at the provided accommodations because it would work out better that way.

No there won’t be a lesser price. Only the mentioned packages are available, which is Full Registration & Days in Parishes OR Full Registration Only. Full registration is inclusive of accommodation for ALL pilgrims.

Is the mentioned price per person?

Yes, all prices mentioned are for individuals. Total costs for groups will only be sent out with invoices.  

How much is the whole amount per person?

There are 2 packages that are available:


From 01 March to 30 June 2020(Early Bird): 

Full Registration +Day in Parishes = R3040 per person

Full Registration – R2850 per person


From 01 July to 31 August the prices will change(Late Registration)

Full Registration + Days in Parishes = R3200 per person

Full Registration only = R3000 per person

What do you mean by days in parishes?

Days in parishes is a 4-5 days event(05-09 December 2019) that precedes the week of MWYD. Pilgrims are hosted by parish communities with whom they eat meals, celebrate Masses, pray, and experience the culture of local parishioners. Most often, the closest bonds of MWYD are formed during the days in parishes experience. Many pilgrims continue to communicate with their host families long after the Days in parishes farewell Mass. (Find out more here https://miniworldyouthday.com/day-in-parishes/ )


Is Namibia Invited or is it only for SACBC?

Other neighbouring countries will be invited, it is just a matter of logistical matters being finalised and letters will be sent.


Where will the main event be hosted in Pretoria?

The main event will be hosted at Tshwane Events Centre(Pretoria Show Grounds)


What does full registration include:

What full registration includes:

  • Access to the main venue 
  • Accommodation 
  • Catechesis
  • Transport during the pilgrimage
  • Meals 
  • Pilgrim Pack